Freelance technical writing services

Get sharp and educational content tailored to your business and audience, bolstered by my background in tech and years of experience writing for businesses like yours.

Working with a freelance technical content writer is right for you if you want to

  • work closely with a writer and make them part of your team 
  • chat directly with the person writing your content, not a go-between
  • have short and fast feedback loops and response times
  • deliver high-quality content to your users at reasonable rates

Here’s what I craft:

Blog Posts

Let’s answer your readers’ burning questions in language that fits your brand. Whether you want to boost your expert status or help potential customers make better decisions, I create the right content for your buyer and builder audiences.

Website Content

You bring the website design, and I’ll spice it up with a compelling copy. Together, we’ll communicate your cause to your audiences appealingly and understandably. I’m also happy to put on my thinking cap to help you turn product features into winning benefits.

API Documentation

Accurate and straightforward documentation is key to empowering developers to use your services successfully long-term. I work with you and your API developers to create and publish documentation so that builders can consume your APIs in no time. 

Developer Guides

Let’s help developers get up and running with your product and services quickly and effortlessly. Together, we’ll plan and create content such as user guides to jump-start new developers and remove typical roadblocks so they can soon become your fans.

Signs that you could use the help of a professional tech writer:

  • Is writing considered a chore at your company?
  • Do you spend too much time writing or editing content?
  • Does your content sound somewhat dull or unimaginative?
  • Do you wonder if your content could perform better?
  • Do you struggle to publish quality content regularly?

How does it work?

Step 1: Get in touch

Shoot me a note with some info about you and your project, and I’ll get back to you to schedule a get-to-know call. Then, if we can imagine working together, I’ll send you my project questionnaire and provide you with a custom quote.


Step 2: Lay the foundation

Let’s figure out how we want to work together. If you’re new to this, you can count on me to introduce you to my proven processes. Otherwise, I’m happy to adapt to your workflow and needs.


Step 3: Get to work

You’ll receive high-quality technical content within the agreed-upon timeframe. If a post doesn’t meet your expectations, we work to improve it promptly so you can publish it with confidence.

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