Keep it real by converting your audience with sharp technical content writing

and forget about technical bullshit bingo

As an IT Service Provider or Startup, you mostly do business online – that’s where your clients or future developers find and interact with you. It’s not a secret how your content influences people’s perception of your company. Consequently, it’s only natural that you want to share valuable and sharp technical content with your users, build trust and become the expert in your field.

Is your goal to become a more attractive employer for programmers? Or do you want to make sure your target audience understands what you’re offering them?

You’ll get intelligible technical content that brings your ideas closer to your users. Doing this requires knowledge in several fields: writing, people, IT and marketing. By combining those skills, I am able to deliver results which bring you closer to your marketing objectives.

Above all, working with me gets you: My experience and knowledge in the technical as well as in the writing field, whether you communicate in English or German. Plus, my passion for programming and helping other developers to become better writers.

Let’s be outstanding

Here’s what we can do to make your startup, your company or one-man-show stand out:

  • write engaging blog posts about topics you care about
  • create web-development courses
  • write instructive tutorials that show your expertise
  • plan and write content for your landing or sales page
  • structure, write or edit technical documentation for your products
  • help you phrase your grant applications or sales presentations for investors in an understandable and sleek way
  • create Newsletters that will get you more fans and sales
  • write enticing copy for your website like an empathic ‘About us’ page
  • describe your products and services so that non-technical-savvy people understand what you’re offering them
  • create easy to follow scripts for your video tutorials as well as explanatory videos
  • write and edit Ebooks you want to share with your community

Employer Branding

Are you and your recruitment team having a hard time finding fitting candidates for your open developer positions? This isn’t surprising—there are not enough software engineers out there (yet). To tackle this challenge you’ve probably already invested time in an employer branding strategy for your company. Let developers take a look behind the scenes: How does a day at your company look like for a programmer? What’s your technical team working on and which technologies do they use and why? Sharing such insights on your blog or website requires an IT content writer who:

  • grasps technological concepts
  • creates sharp tutorials
  • interviews your devs
  • knows about daily life as a developer
  • is familiar with terms like SCRUM, agile or pair programming

Blog Articles and Tutorials

Your blog is an essential piece in your marketing strategy and the perfect place to convert prospects into clients by providing them with valuable and sharp content for free. Depending on your audience and goal, your blog can cover a variety of topics regarding your products or services.
A technical content writer can help you to communicate your technical topics to your target audience. It doesn’t matter whether you want to reach developers or non-technical users—by adapting the tone and style of the writing as well as processing topics on different knowledge bases, a professional writer makes sure to reach your desired output. You need a writer who:

  • knows how to write in different tones and styles
  • can empathize with your target audience
  • is experienced in writing instructional and engaging pieces
  • understands how to write valuable content
  • is capable of communicating your technical topics

Website and Copy

Every page of your website may turn a visitor into a prospect or client. Therefore, you want to provide your users with sharp, intelligible text throughout your site.
What is your ‘About us’ page telling your clients about how you can help them? Do your headlines stir up the need to know more about your offer?
Let’s look at how you talk with prospects face to face—your website acts as an extension of your whole company and needs to reflect your personality and values to reach your target audience and sell. But writing copy for IT Service Providers or technical startups requires more from a writer than technical knowledge. You need a writer who:

  • is experienced in writing copy that converts your prospects into clients
  • can empathize with your clients and their problems
  • knows how to structure sales text and write gripping headlines
  • is a good listener and can combine the company’s product with the user’s needs
  • can optimize text for digital consumers and search engines

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