Technical content that speaks to people.

Looking for a freelance technical content writer with years of hands-on coding and writing experience? Need content in English or German that is on point and tailored to your brand?

Hi, I’m Sarah,

and I hope to end your search for the right tech writer.

I’m a freelance technical (content) writer and former web developer.

I pen engaging stories and information-packed content for disruptive tech companies, tailored to the needs and expectations of developers and engineering managers.


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Here’s what I craft most of the time

Blog posts

On-brand and educational tech content answers your audience’s questions and positions you as an expert.

API documentation

Crisp technical writing enables developers to leverage your APIs and build amazing products.

Website content

No-BS website copy informs and engages both technical and non-technical audiences.

Developer guides

Carefully curated guides help developers get up to speed with your product and turn them into loyal fans in no time.

AI editing

AIs may be quite capable, but their writing requires human editing to make it accurate and enjoyable to read.

Want to work with a writer who…

  • works closely with you to create technical content that scores?
  • has experience in tech, writing, and marketing to developers?
  • delivers tailor-made tech content that you can’t get off the shelf?
  • likes to be part of a team to provide value to your users?

Then you and I might be a great fit!

Why work with a freelance tech writer?


Let your developers code

… and leave the writing to a writer. Many of your developers don’t have the time or itch to write blog posts or documentation. Let’s team up to achieve your content goals by putting my years of experience in tech and writing to work for you.


Get content with purpose

Do you struggle to reach developers or present your ideas in an accessible way to a non-techy audience? As a technical content writer, I help you grab your audience’s attention and answer their burning questions.


Expand your team’s skills

Wouldn’t you enjoy working with a writer who is more than an email address and for whom you are more than a revenue stream? Close collaboration allows us to create personalized content that you don’t have to rewrite ten times (or not even once).

Editing your writing is just like refactoring your code. It’s not just a nice-to-have – it is a must if you want your work to convince. So let me gift you my guide on editing for developers, aka busy coding writers, and learn the craft behind great content!

Give your content a head-turning makeover.

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