Greetings from Vienna!

Sarah posing and hoping the photo shoot will be over soon

I’m Sarah, freelance technical (content) writer and former web developer.

How I got here.

In the early 2010s, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Technology and Design and moved to Vienna, Austria, to earn a living with my newfound love: creating apps and websites as a web developer. I did that for almost seven years until I realized I was losing the joy in my work (quarter-life crisis, anyone?).

Since I’ve always had a knack and passion for language and writing, I focused more on content creation. Luckily, I could try my hand at it at my old job (thanks, guys <3) until I was sure that writing is what I wanted to do from now on.

Finally, in 2018, I decided to take the leap and start my technical content writing business. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with great people and brands to get their stories out to developers and tech leaders.

Content creation is a team effort

Along with fantastic marketing and tech teams, I create digestible content that engages developers and engineering managers.

Partial client list:
WeAreDevelopers, Codility, AddSearch, Storyblok, Coder Society, Smartbear, Semaphore, Bitbar, CareerFoundry, Content Chef, ecosio, Globalping, Sithara IoT, Geberit