I’m Sarah, freelance technical content writer, and former developer.

My forte is creating engaging technical content for startups and IT service providers both in English and German.

That's me, Sarah, trying to look professional.

Do you lack the resources to write in your company?

By combining my knowledge of programming, writing, and marketing, you’ll get content that brings you another step closer to your goals.
Whether you want to attract more developers or need to present your products understandably to your non-techy audience—as a technical content writer I’ve got you covered.

Be quick and shoot me a note to reserve a time slot for your project in my calendar!

Let’s get your message across!

Employer Branding

Let developers take a look behind the scenes! How’s your technical team working? How’s life at the office? This kind of content proves beneficial for attracting new programmers and can easily be integrated into your employer branding strategy. Let’s work out a plan to fuel your company with more dev power!

Blog Articles

Blogging is an excellent way to bring your target audience to your website, gain their trust and convert them to clients. Whether you need engaging content targeted at developers or informative articles for your prospects—as a freelance technical content writer I can provide you with content that fits your needs and helps you achieve your objectives.


Are your developers lacking time for writing articles or tutorials about their work? However, providing your readers with that sort of content is crucial for your marketing strategy? I know, finding an external writer who is also able to code can be difficult. Let me tell you the good news though: I’m an experienced programmer and instructional writer—I’m sure we can work this out for you!

Concept & Strategy

You understand that you’re in need of technical content to reach your marketing and sales objectives, but don’t know where to start? Let’s talk about the challenges you’re facing and work out the ideal technical content strategy that gets you ahead.

Website & Copy

Creating content that is understandable to your non-technical audience can be tricky. You can rely on my experience in the technical- as well as the writing- and marketing departments to remove the question marks from your readers’ faces.

Writing & Marketing for Devs

With so many freelance developers and startups out there, programmers need to market themselves effectively to make an impression. Marketing and writing don’t have to be dreadful activities, and I’m here to help make things easier.

Get my guide on editing for busy coding writers

You wouldn’t write code and push it into production without testing and refactoring it, would you?
The same goes for writing and publishing your blog posts and tutorials. After you’ve written your first version, you’ll need to polish and edit your piece, so it’s understandable and nice to read before publishing it. Let me give you my guide on editing and learn how to turn meh content into great content!

Editing guide cover

Writing and Marketing for Developers


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