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How to structure your blog posts

Last year I wrote an article about the 5 questions you need to ask yourself before starting your programming blog, and I hope you decided to start one! Writing blog posts[…]

Someone's writing in a notebook. Technical writers and technical content writers do different things, though their tasks often overlap.
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Technical writing vs technical content writing

I’m sure you already know that I’m a technical (content) writer and thus succeeded in combining two of my passions: writing and technology. And although I started out as a technical[…]

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5+1 tips to write emails faster

Most of us need to communicate via email, be it for work or our private lives, and some of us tend to overcomplicate the whole matter and waste our time. I[…]

I don't have psychic vision like promoted on this image. Though I'll predict a thing or two about technical content writing in 2019.
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Technical Content Writing in 2019

How did your writing go in 2018? I hope you were able to create lots of content and sharpened your skills with each paragraph you created.But let’s not linger in the[…]

Should you have a website or rely solely on social networks? There's a women on the picture checking her phone.
Marketing for developers

Freelancers: Website or Social Media?

As a freelancer, you have various possibilities to be found online. Whether you use social networks to reach your target audience, write on blogging platforms or have your own website. Though[…]

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4 common mistakes made by German speakers in English

Most people find it easy to learn English. Knowing the very basics already allows you to communicate with others and native speakers will most likely grasp what you’re trying to say[…]

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5 questions you need to ask yourself before starting your programming blog

So, you’re thinking about starting a programming blog? Are you eager to provide your fellow developers with valuable, informative and engaging content? Great! We sure need more coding writers in the[…]

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Why you should start editing as of today

As a developer you may be working on several writing projects: tutorials, blog articles, documentation or important emails. It’s not enough to pound your ideas into your keyboard and then hit[…]

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How to write better Tutorials – Part 3

It’s nice having you back for the final part of this series presenting you my last six tips on how to write better tutorials. If you haven’t read the previous articles,[…]

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Marketing for developers

Never confuse landing pages with homepages again

You probably want to punch me right now because of the term “homepage”, but don’t get mad yet! I’m talking about your index or start page, not your website. Confused? Nevermind![…]

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