5 practical tips for improving your developer marketing
Marketing for developers

5 Tips for Rocking Developer Marketing

Developer marketing is something many companies wouldn’t have even considered a few years ago. After all, devs are not the people in charge, right? Not necessarily. Today, developers play a vital role[…]

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Marketing for developersWriting for developers

Create a better landing page with storytelling

Do you want to create a landing page (or sales page) for your product and seek inspiration and guidance on how to write one? Of course, there’s a myriad of techniques[…]

Marketing for developersWriting for developers

Answering your FAQs on technical content writing

Since I started the blog, I’ve received many emails from readers asking various questions about technical content writing and freelancing in this field. So I thought it would be nice to[…]

Should you have a website or rely solely on social networks? There's a women on the picture checking her phone.
Marketing for developers

Freelancers: Website or Social Media?

As a freelancer, you have various possibilities to be found online. Whether you use social networks to reach your target audience, write on blogging platforms or have your own website. Though[…]

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Marketing for developersWriting for developers

5 questions you need to ask yourself before starting your programming blog

So, you’re thinking about starting a programming blog? Are you eager to provide your fellow developers with valuable, informative and engaging content? Great! We sure need more coding writers in the[…]

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Marketing for developers

Never confuse landing pages with homepages again

You probably want to punch me right now because of the term “homepage”, but don’t get mad yet! I’m talking about your index or start page, not your website. Confused? Nevermind![…]

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Marketing for developers

Things I learned about marketing while building my business

A few years back I despised everything about marketing and advertising. I thought it was all about lying to good people, tricking them into buying something and all that to make[…]

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Marketing for developers

10 Must-Haves for Your First Sales Page

Having a top-notch sales page set up for your products or services is an essential step towards selling your products online. However, many non-sales or marketing persons are naturally frightened by[…]

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