In this article, I will share my blog writing process with you.
Writing for developers

How to write a blog post – my writing process

Do you want to get into content writing but don’t know how to get started? Are you wondering if it’s not better to throw in the towel and get back to[…]

6 Adult Learning Principles to know to create better tutorials
Writing for developers

6 Adult Learning Principles: Create Better Tutorials

The Internet is an excellent place for sharing knowledge and skills. Developers, in particular, like to help their peers build their technical skills by providing them with tutorials, books, coding live[…]

I'll share some tips on how to gain experience as a new technical content writer that will help you convice prospects,
Writing for developers

How to Gain Experience as a New Technical Content Writer

You probably know the age-old dilemma: I don’t get the job because I don’t have experience, but I also don’t get experience because I don’t get a job!?Even in freelance writing,[…]

Writing for developers

Improve your writing skills as a non-native speaker

Creating content in English when you’re not a native speaker can be intimidating and challenging. Trust me, as a native German speaker, who decided to focus on writing technical content in English,[…]

Main image for blog post on storytelling for landing pages
Marketing for developersWriting for developers

Create a better landing page with storytelling

Do you want to create a landing page (or sales page) for your product and seek inspiration and guidance on how to write one? Of course, there’s a myriad of techniques[…]

Marketing for developersWriting for developers

Answering your FAQs on technical content writing

Since I started the blog, I’ve received many emails from readers asking various questions about technical content writing and freelancing in this field. So I thought it would be nice to[…]

A woman writes into her notebook.
Writing for developers

How to write about anything – even if you’re clueless

A couple of days ago I had to write the most tricky article ever.Not only did I have no clue about the topic, but also most information I found was in[…]

Some scribbles in a notebook and a pen.
Productivity & OrganizationWriting for developers

How to structure your blog posts

Last year I wrote an article about the 5 questions you need to ask yourself before starting your programming blog, and I hope you decided to start one! Writing blog posts[…]

Someone's writing in a notebook. Technical writers and technical content writers do different things, though their tasks often overlap.
Writing for developers

Technical writing vs technical content writing

I’m sure you already know that I’m a technical content writer and thus succeeded in combining two of my passions: writing and technology. If someone calls me a technical writer, I[…]

A woman writes on her laptop.
Productivity & OrganizationWriting for developers

5+1 tips to write emails faster

Most of us need to communicate via email, be it for work or our private lives, and some of us tend to overcomplicate the whole matter and waste our time. I[…]

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