How to create a creative content brief
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How to Create a Creative Content Brief

Have you ever had to rewrite an article because it didn’t meet your client’s expectations? If yes, then chances are you didn’t use a creative content brief to agree on the[…]

Featured image for article "5 steps: Create clear and concise OAS endpoint summaries"
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5 Steps: Create Clear and Concise OAS Endpoint Summaries

Do your OAS endpoint summaries look messy? Here are 5 steps to make them more professional, clean, and helpful.

How to use ChatGPT to boost your content writing workflows.
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6 Ways ChatGPT Boosts Your Content Writing Workflow

Scary or not, everybody and their dog have experimented with AI and GPT-X systems in recent months. Since the most prominent tool, “ChatGPT,” is basically a text generator, it’s also not[…]

Learn how to create and publish a book to share your expertise and grow your business.
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The Write Stuff: Creating a Book That Showcases Your Expertise and Grows Your Business

by guest author Jessica Majewski If you’ve got plenty of experience or expertise in a particular field, writing a book can be a great way to showcase your knowledge, establish credibility,[…]

Featured image: How to write engaging content for your target audience.
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How to Write Engaging Content for Your Target Audience

As content creators, we strive to create and write engaging content that our target audience will love and benefit from. But that’s easier said than done, right? If you’re struggling with[…]

What are the differences between technical writers and developer experience writers?
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Technical Writers vs. Developer Experience Writers

Determining who’s who and who does what in tech can be tricky. Especially when new job titles are popping up like mushrooms in a dank cave: Some are new, some are[…]

Featured image: Microcopy best practices: Write better button labels for your SaaS site.
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The Power of Microcopy: Best Practices for Button Labels on SaaS Landing Pages

What does every SaaS landing page and homepage need? Eye-catching images, persuasive copy, satisfied customer testimonials – and, of course, engaging calls to action (CTAs). And what’s a CTA without a[…]

In this article, I will share my blog writing process with you.
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How to write a blog post – my writing process

Do you want to get into content writing but don’t know how to get started? Are you wondering if it’s not better to throw in the towel and get back to[…]

6 Adult Learning Principles to know to create better tutorials
Writing for developers

6 Adult Learning Principles: Create Better Tutorials

The Internet is an excellent place for sharing knowledge and skills. Developers, in particular, like to help their peers build their technical skills by providing them with tutorials, books, coding live[…]

I'll share some tips on how to gain experience as a new technical content writer that will help you convice prospects,
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How to Gain Experience as a New Technical Content Writer

You probably know the age-old dilemma: I don’t get the job because I don’t have experience, but I also don’t get experience because I don’t get a job!?Even in freelance writing,[…]

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